Features of our products

The filter is essential for the functioning of compressors and vacuum pumps.
Every filter which we produce is designed to guarantee

• Maximum Filtration Efficiency
• Steady and Regular Performances
• Lifetime like the original one
• Strengthened Mechanical features

Here below some of the features differentiating our products:

• The filtering media has been subjected to various approvals.
• Steel End Plates are spinned and galvanized internally and externally.
• The glue is specially adapted for a perfect adhesion of different material.
• Polyurethane is smooth and naturally oily.
• Each single filter is packed into a strong and dust-proof carton box.
Great attention is given to the research and study of new materials. Thanks to the spirit of cooperation and partnership established with our main suppliers, our products are always up to the latest technologies.

Filters for compressors

Air/Oil separators
TG FILTER designs and manufactures separators specifically for installation in rotary screw and rotary vane compressors and they are available in vertical, horizontal and spin-on configurations.Their purpose is to separate the oil droplets from the compressed air, thereby producing cleaner air and allowing the oil to be scavenged and re-circulated in the compressor.
TG FILTER separators are manufactured to satisfy OEM’s needs in terms of:
- Use of high grade filtration and separation media to ensure the best quality of clean air needed for industrial applications.
- Physical principle of air/oil separation
- Oil consumption to ensure a correct functional performance
- Element dimensions according to the compressor’s performance and tank’s size.
- It’s also very important underline that our separators can be used with all types of oil, standard, mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. Before the selection, the constructors have to consider which level of separation is requested, in other words detect the maximum amount of ppm of oil carryover allowed.
Therefore a technical solution is necessary to reduce the oil concentration in the air.
Frequently, the constructors have to envisage a pre-separation system, which will reduce the oil carryover and will protract the life of air/oil separator.
Corrosive resistant materials are used in the construction of the air/oil separators. Careful welding procedures and the use of the latest twin pack adhesive ensure that the element has high mechanical strength and can endure a operating temperature up to 120°C.
Spin-On separators
In order to satisfy the technical requirements of some constructors TG FILTER has developed spin-on air/oil separators designed and often customized according to customers’ requests. TG chooses the internal components and aims to reach the best solution available as well as for the external coating on the housing for which high quality paintings are used and where overprinting can be added
Air filters
Besides being able to provide a wide range of adaptable air cartridges, TG FILTER can offer OEMs a series of filters that do not require housing. These filters are recommended 1 to 12 m3/min. flow rates and can be installed vertically and horizontally. Tg Filter can offer air filters available with plastic end caps in metal free configuration. This kind of solution offers a low pressure drop excellent filtration capacity and very simple installation and replacement procedures. On specific request we can offer fibreglass or oiled cellulose filtering media .The design is especially robust and is well suited for use in heavy duty applications. This filter is especially suitable for medium dust conditions on engines and screw-piston-vane compressor. Air filter with metal caps are available for very particular stress conditions. The sealing is obtained through a rubber gasket tightened with a special clamp.
Complete air filters
Spin-On oil filters
TG FILTER has developed a range of oil filters, especially suitable for screw-vane compressors and vacuum pumps, taking into consideration the sudden changes and extreme limits in pressure and temperature. The oil filter that TG FILTER offers are “spin-on type” and can be provided with a by pass valve, if it is not already to be found on the heads or in the lubricant circuit. Generally the most commonly used filtering media is made of cellulose.

Filters for vacuum pumps

The media filtration used in this separation process enables us to obtain perfect air/oil separation rates up to 1-3 mg/m3.
Separators are made to endure high pressures and temperatures and to low deterioration taxes.
In order to achieve the best possible separation efficiency and long working life of the elements, it is essential that regular maintenance procedures are followed and joints are applied correctly, as well as the use of good quality air and oil filters.TG FILTER offers a wide range of oil separators and air filters for vacuum pumps to suit most requirements in this field and the elements are interchangeable with those produced by other leading manufacturers.
Steel housings are treated with a special protective coating thereby guaranteeing a longer durability. They also undergo thorough tests to ensure the seals withstand high vacuum levels. The elements have high dust retention and are available with paper media or polyester version.
Air/oil separators
Air filters
Complete air filters
Spin-on oil filters
Air purifier filters
Production techniques
Our philosophy for the manufacture of a high quality product is to use only the highest quality raw materials. The filtering media which has a cellulose basis are specifically selected for each application and each working environment.

The filtering media is composed of 10% of fybers and 90% of various regular interstices, creating together a firm barrier which stops the contaminants. Dirty particles that are kept back by such a media can be smaller than one micron (1/1000 of a millimeter). In order to get an adequate mechanical and thermical resistance, and to make a barrier to the chemical particles, all media made with cellulose are impregnated with phenol or acryl resins. The following polimerization guarantees a perfect filtration.

The main difference between a media made of cellulose fibers and a media made of synthetic fibers is that the first one is made of natural fibers while the second one is made of industrial fibers. Therefore, the geometry of the first one is totally at random, whilst the geometry of the second one is perfect. Because of this, when it is absolutely necessary to grant a high filtration degree, synthetic media is preferable. But every time possible, a cellulose media is better because it enables higher flow rates at asuitable efficiency level. In our plants, you will find more than 2000 different unique or adaptable toolings for the manufacture of the different models.

The presses that are up to 150 T enable us to make almost all our sheet metal lids. In spite of its higher cost, we have chosen perforated metal rather than expanded metal, because the mechanical strength of the finished product is higher, and it offers a better protection of the filtering media against sudden variation of air flow and pressure.

We always use glue to assemble the first and the last fold of the filtrant part of the filter.

Polyurethane has been integrated into our production lines more than 10 years ago.

Therefore we have a full knowledge the working methods, this enables us to offer a steady quality, in all kinds of shapes and colors as requested by the market.

The polyurethane that we use has been selected to offer the flexibility and the elasticity that are required for a perfect adhesion to the housing. There are 3 tests that have been conducted to approve its specifications: Resistance to cutting, tearing and breaking.

Visiting our plants, you can observe that the particularity of our manufacturing process is to be based on production islands.

Comparatively to the usual in lines production, this process based on islands offers enormous advantages especially for the flexibility of the production plans.

Each island has its own range of characteristics and competencies.

It is possible to make different products on the same island, and quickly move from one part number to another.

Components and sub-assemblies are made where the machines stay, then they are moved to the island where the finished product will be assembled. Just on one island, you will find consequently all the components and sub-assemblies that are necessary for the production of the range selected for that island.

This gives us a great flexibility establishing the production programs, and enables us to face almost any sudden variation of the market demand.

This process has another great benefit: It makes the production people more responsible. At each working place, the operator is fully responsible for the quality of his production.

Just for the objective of meeting the sudden variations of the market demand, TG carries large stocks of raw materials, sub-assemblies and semi-finished products. By doing so, we keep ourself independent from our suppliers, and we are able to answer positively to almost any unexpected however pleasant new market or increase of the demand.

Furthermore, the stock of finished product is impressive: about 50.000 filters are always available and ready for shipment. So the deliveries are very fast.

Eventually, it must be pointed out that profits are kept in the Company and invested in order to reduce costs programs and steady improvement of production capacity.