Thanks to our Sales and Distribution Policy, we are able to guarantee to our customers a favoured and trustworthy relationship.

Inquiries for Personalized Products will meet a fast support thanks to our efficient and qualified technical department.

Planning and Scheduling of deliveries is amongst our main criterias. Therefore we will always take care to make sure that it will happen according to times and terms which we have agreed with our customer.

A just in time production is able to build products, in a real fast time both standard and according drawings which the customer supplies.

When New Products come into the market, we shall always be amongst the first ones to grant you its availability.

With more than 50.000 filters among separators, airfilters and oilfilters always in stock, we are able to guarantee prompt deliveries on almost all ranges of items.



We take care to our customers, and we work with them to improve each other.

That’s the reason for which our organisation is:

  • Market directed
  • Quick
  • Efficient

Contact our Technical Department to request :
• Filters Specifications
• Main Applications
• Cross-References
• Drawings and Technical Sheets
• Filters On Demand

Contact our Commercial Department to request:
• General Information
• Sending of Catalogues
• Price Inquiries
• Shipment of Samples
• Personalised Labelling and Serigraphy
• Send your orders
• Require a pro-form invoice
• Confirmation delivery schedule
• Organise delivery
• Invoicing & Payment


Distribution network

We operate in national and international market in a capillary way to satisfy our customers’ needs.

The main compressors and vacuum pumps’ builders since years trust us for filters’ supplying used in their first plant.

An always larger number of maintainers asks us for having a rapid and qualified service and an efficient technical assistance.

Even though we have already more than 1700 customers all around Europe and in the rest of the world, we are always in the search of new partners in order to consolidate our penetration in the different markets.